Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ornament Finish and Door Hanger

Here is Kylie's ornament with all the stitching completed. I think she will really like it. I love the little baby dragon. Now I have to decide if I want to stitch it by hand and mount or stuff it or if I want to buy a sewing machine at Joanns for it and other projects.

 I also finished a door hanger. This pattern was in the Just Crossstitch December issue. The wreath was all french knots which was a challenge for me. I don't mind one or two but getting a bunch of them in a circle was tough. Need to mount this and put a hanger on it.

My next project is to finish backstitching on a project my sister started. It has tons of backstitching. I will put a picture up when I am finished.


  1. The little dragon is adorable :)

  2. Adorable dragon if dragons could be adorable.
    Cute house.
    chris b

  3. Glenna, great dragon, love your house, particularly the french knots wreath on the door.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  4. Kylie's dragon is very cute. I'm with Libbie I love the knotting on the wreath!